Food by Four, the sous-vide company

Yesterday’s flavour; today’s convenience!

Sous-vide tenderised beef

Traditional, tasty and tender beef products that are ready in a jiffy; this is the convenience consumers are looking for today.
Food by Four presents a superb range of beef products cooked sous-vide, tenderised in their own juices, with a time-to-table of less than five minutes.

These fresh beef products from Food by Four are seasoned with natural herbs and spices to bring out quality of the meat − in other words, no E numbers. The full flavour of the meat combined with the herbs and spices produces a taste experience reminiscent of meat as our grandmothers used to cook it.

The sous-vide company
Food by Four sukadelap

Very slow tenderising

Nutritional value retained

Our carefully selected beef is cooked sous-vide. The meat is vacuum packed and then slowly tenderised at a relatively low temperature. The meat therefore retains its nutritional value and has a longer shelf life. Naturally, the products comply with high food safety standards.

Reliable quality

The tender tastiness of yore

  • Prepared with purely natural herbs and spices; no E numbers!
  • Tenderised sous-vide: nutritional value retained
  • Sous-vide cooking and vacuum packing give the meat a longer shelf life
  • Short preparation time: from microwave to table within five minutes

Food by Four - sous vide - Rundvlees
Food by Four - sous vide - Rundvlees - Hachee - Stoofvlees

Full of natural flavour

Food by Four beef products are a unique symbiosis of authentic, traditional products and flavours, quickly prepared and served to suit today’s consumers’ wishes. Now isn’t that mouth-watering?